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This week has been a lot of fun for us here at SWAK! We’re reading and taking note of each of your comments. Thank you for participating!

So before I post contest question #3, I’ll answer a few of your questions that have come through the blog.

First, I loved post #93 from Lisa where she said this:
“Well, last week I would have simply said:” I don’t know how either, but if you ever find out how, let me know!LOL!”  But now, I can simply say: “let’s go to this site , and learn together!”

We definitely want that to be the case! There is a learning curve with machine embroidery, but once you learn and receive ongoing support, you’re going to love this!  Machine embroidery is fun for both personal use, or even turning it into a business of your own.

Kelli from Post #111 wondered if the site would have advice on machines. I think there is definitely a need for that as the choices out there can be overwhelming. So we’ll provide a place for that very thing, and a place for your own reviews of the machines you’ve been using.

And Nicole (post #243) hopes that SWAK will have lots of cute applique. Nicole, we think there’s a lot of that on the new site. We love that, too!  In addition, there will be Primitive designs, “in the hoop” projects, embroidery for all hoop sizes including the 6×10, and the site will be home of the official “SWAK-PACK.” 😉

Keep the posts coming. We’re listening….

And now for contest question #3!

SWAK contest question #3


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What a great response to our first blog post! We are so excited to have you be a part of this new site! It has been fun reading all of your posts. Your enthusiasm is contagious! I loved a comment made by Allison (post #88) to “bring on the cuteness!”  We couldn’t agree more!

In answer to some of your questions…

-Yes, Jan (post #57), we will definitely have a “wishlist” feature on our site! I chuckled with your comment, “You WILL have a wishlist feature won’t you? Pretty please? With red embroidered cherries on top?” 🙂

-Yes, Patty (post #111), we will also include a series of Embroidery 101 tutorials. Those ebooks and video tutorials will be free! Michelle has written our first eBook on how to machine applique. There’s a video on this, too! I love videos!

I’ll answer more of your questions in our next blog post, but in the meantime, here is our next “post-and-win” question!

I know a lot of people who see something that has been made or machine embroidered and don’t think they could ever do it. So….

SWAK blog - question #2

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We’re so glad you found us! My name is Kris and I’m happy to share with you a bit about our new embroidery site, www.SWAKembroidery.com!  Michelle and I will be working together to make your experience at SWAKembroidery a great one!

In anticipation of the new site launching, we decided it was time to have some fun and post on our blog! We are putting the last minute touches on the site and it will be available to see VERY soon! In the meantime, we want to hear from you!

Come back to this blog each day and view more questions we’d like to ask you! You’ll also learn more about what you can expect to see at the new site! If you post, you have a chance to win gift certificates from both SWAKembroidery, as well as our sister site, www.YouCanMakeThis.com!  So here’s the first question….

SWAK Blog Question #1

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